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Please phone to make an appointment: (07) 3277 7500


Appointments are usually of ten minutes in duration. If you have two or more issues you wish to discuss, or you have a complicated problem, please advise the receptionist that you will require a longer appointment. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact the surgery well in advance to reschedule.


We encourage patients to request their usual GP for consultation, as this allows for continuity of care. Continuity of care is important; however, not all doctors can deal with all problems. If this is the case, an alternative doctor to your usual GP may be advised.



Home/ Nursing Home Visits

These are usually carried out during surgery hours by your own doctor unless alternative arrangements have been made with another doctor. Home visits are for the very ill or frail and for patients with severe mobility issues who live within the local area. If for some reason no doctor is available, you will be referred to the after-hours doctors service who can see you after 4pm on weekdays and across the weekends.


Test Results

If these are clinically significant and your doctor wishes to discuss your results, you will receive an SMS, be telephoned or sent a recall letter to make an appointment. If you phone the surgery, the receptionist cannot give out your test results; they can merely say whether or not the doctor wishes to discuss these results with you. 


Repeat Prescriptions

Prescriptions are not given out without a doctor’s appointment, during which time the need for the medication and the dosage will be reviewed. New developments in your health may make certain particular medications no longer advisable.